Cyber law and Information Technology

This era of internet  revolution witnesses complex issues involving and arising out data security, virtual internet/ cyber space comes under cyber law, this includes ecommerce transactions, emails, social media, software, apps, websites, various contracts/ agreements and terms of use  hosted in website, etc. Presently cyber law in India is prominently governed by Information Technology Act and Rules and related guidelines together with IPC and CrPC.

Cyber Law Services:

  • Consultation and strategy & Cyber compliance
  • Data security and unauthorised use of data – financial information (credit/ debit cards), counterfeit cards, personal information
  • Bank Account frauds, Forgery of documents using electronic devices and software,
  • Sabotaging computer / computer networks through worms, viruses, unauthorised copying of software programs
  • Violation of intellectual property rights,
  • Stalking and stealing information from social media
  • Stalking, defamation, threat calls, offensive messages
  • Defamation
  • Online stores & E-commerce sites
  • Internet Based Agreements– Privacy policy, Terms of Use, Data Protection, Data Security, Disclaimers, Return and Refund Policy, Shrink-wrap & Click- wrap agreements, etc.
  • Domain Name Disputes- Legalities of domain dispute; relief through arbitration and mediation, before WIPO (UNDRP) and .in Registry (INDRP procedure), and injunctions, etc.