Trademark Registration in Kolkata | Trademark Consultant Lawyer in Kolkata

Trademark is a device (label) mark or word mark which distinguishes businesses. Trademark has to be distinctive of goods or services for which it is used. Trademark Registration is available both for ‘already in use’ mark and for ‘proposed to be used’ mark. Consulting a Trademark lawyer or Trademark Consultant is recommended to get necessary legal guidance. A simple Google search based on location, viz. ‘trademark lawyer in Kolkata’, ‘trademark consultant in Kolkata’, ‘trademark lawyer in Delhi’, ‘trademark consultant in Bangalore’ or ‘intellectual property lawyer in Kolkata’ will do the needful. Process begins with trademark search to ensure trademark is free for adoption or if it is in use then how to distinct the trademark. Indian Trademarks Registry Office offers trademark registration in all through 45 classes of goods and services. Description of goods or services is crucial to trademark registration. Applicant must be the rightful owner of trademark, or rights obtained through routes like trademark assignment or trademark licensing. Jurisdiction of Indian Trade Marks Registry – Kolkata / Delhi / Mumbai / Chennai or Ahmedabad is based on applicant’s place of business. Where foreign entity not having address in India and engages trademark lawyer in Kolkata, then address of trademark consultant in Kolkata is used for jurisdiction determination and likewise. Post application, Trade Marks Registry conducts trademark search and examines the Trademark and issues Examination Report with search report & objections. Trademark lawyer or trademark consultant will prepare and submit Reply to Examination Report identifying distinctive features of the trademark, a hearing may follow. After clearing objections, Trademark is published in Trademark Journal allowing any party to oppose the Trademark. If opposed, trademark opposition process follows; else Trademark Registration Certificate is issued. Trademark is registered for a period of 10 years and renewed thereafter. Filing in foreign countries is available through Madrid Protocol route.

Trademark Registration Services:

  • Trademark Search 
  • Trademark Registration in India 
  • Trademark Registration in Foreign Country
  • Trademark Prosecution across all Intellectual Property Offices in India (Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad)
  • Reply to Examination Report
  • Trademark Filing and Registration in Foreign countries via Madrid Protocol
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Assignment
  • Trademark Rectification 
  • Cancellation of Trademarks
  • Trademark Notice of opposition
  • Trademark counter statement
  • Trademark evidence
  • Trademark Settlement Agreement 
  • Trademark Licensing, Franchise Agreement, Brand Licensing
  • Suit for trademark infringement & passing off and injunctions
  • Action against counterfeit goods, search, seizure, raids, evidence collection
  • Legal notices and others