Trademark & Patent Registration Lawyer in Durgapur, India


Patent Registration gives patented a territorial statutory right  to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing patented invention for a limited period of years. Patent rights are granted on any invention whose subject matter is permitted in Patent Act as patentable and which qualifies the three prong test of novelty, capable of industrial application / utility and non-obviousness. Patent can be on both products and process.

Getting in touch with patent attorney or patent lawyer is recommended to effectively protect invention. A simple Google search based on location, viz. ‘patent registration in Durgapur’, ‘patent lawyer in Siliguri’, ‘intellectual property lawyer in Durgapur’ will do the needful.


Trademark is a mark which identifies a particular source for goods and services, commonly known as brand. There are in 45 different classes of goods and service in which brand owner can register the mark. A simple Google search based on location, viz. ‘trademark lawyer in Durgapur’, ‘trademark registration in Durgapur’, ‘intellectual property lawyer in SIliguri’ will do the needful. Trademark includes registration of brand name, business name, logo, design, etc., and can be multi-class / single class.


Copyright is an exclusive right of creator for his/ her creation includes Literary work, dramatic work, music and artistic work, cinematographic films, sound recordings, music, videos, software programs, database arrangement, logo design, etc. Copyright in any work subsist for a span of lifetime of the author plus 60 years after author’s death. Performer rights, broadcasting rights are also governed under Copyright law. 


Design can be obtained almost on any article which is capable of commercialisation. Design covers look and feel of an article. Design has to be new, original and shall not be published anywhere prior to application for registration & shall not be prior registered in India.  Copyright of any registered design is initially for a period of 10 years from the date of application and thereafter extendable by another 5 years.

Design Services:

  • Design Search
  • Design Registration in India 
  • Design Registration in Foreign Countries
  • Cancellation of  Registered Designs
  • Appeals
  • Suit for infringement and passing off and injunctions, piracy, etc.
  • Drafting of Deeds- Design Assignment, Design license agreement, Design Infringement notices, etc

Geographical Indications

Geographical indication is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or reputation that is due to its place of origin, with because of unique weather conditions and / or due to unique practise by the community of that region.

Geographical Indication (GI) Services:

  • Registration of Geographical Indication India
  • Office actions
  • Registration of Registered User

Plant Variety Protection

This provides for protection of plant varieties, the rights of farmers and plant breeders and to encourage the development of new varieties of plants it has been considered necessary to recognize and protect the rights of the farmers in respect of their contribution made at any time in conserving, improving and making available plant genetic resources for the development of the new plant varieties.

PVP Services

  • Registration of New varieties
  • Registration of farmer’s variety
  • DUS Testing coordination
  • Deeds- Assignment, licensing, technology transfer, etc.
  • Infringement issues