Patent Registration Lawyer(Attorney) in Kolkata, India

Patent is an intellectual property right (IPR) having definite lifecycle. Patent lifecycle includes Patent Registration in Kolkata, begins with an invention/ innovation, followed by developing its workability. Getting in touch with patent attorney or patent lawyer is recommended to effectively protect invention. A simple Google search based on location, viz. ‘patent attorney in Kolkata’, ‘patent lawyer in Kolkata’, ‘patent attorney in Delhi’, ‘patent attorney in Bangalore’ or ‘intellectual property lawyer in Kolkata’ will do the needful. Before making patent application, a patent search through patent attorney or patent lawyer is advisable to access patentability, potentiality of invention, to ensure no infringement of others patent in the patent database. Now draft patent application comprising claims, workability, best mode, diagrams, description; this may be a provisional patent application or a complete specification and file. Complete specification follows a provisional patent application. After expiry of 15 months, patent application is published in Patent Journal. Request for examination is file with Indian Patent Office (IPO) and patent application is examined for patentability, novelty, non-obviousness, inventive step, industrial applicability, commercial utility. First Examination Report (FER) with citations of prior arts is issued. Patent attorney or patent lawyer will prepare FER response considering objections of Patent Controller, followed by hearing. Thereafter, Patent is registered in India for a period of 20 years subject to Patent Renewal. Patent application can be opposed before (pre-grant opposition) or after (post-grant opposition) grant. Applicant’s state determines Jurisdiction of patent office – Kolkata / Delhi / Mumbai or Chennai. Where foreign entity not having address in India and engages patent lawyer in Kolkata, then address of patent attorney in Kolkata is used for jurisdiction determination and likewise. Filing in foreign countries is available through Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route.

Firm’s Expertise of Technical Fields 

  • Electrical, Electronics & Communications
  • Mechanical
  • Technology Equipments and Devices
  • Robotics
  • Biotechnology & Life Science
  • Material sciences
  • Software
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Chemistry and Chemical Formulations
  • Information Technology
  • FMCG products & process

Patent Services 

  • Patent Search – FTO, State of the art, Prior Art, Invalidation Searches
  • Prosecution across all Intellectual Property Offices in India – Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai
  • Patent Registration  -National and International Filings
  • Filing application for patent in India
  • Provisional Specification
  • Complete Specification
  • National Phase application- patent
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Filings – Patent Registration in Foreign Countries
  • PCT National Phase Filings – India
  • Deeds and Conveyance- Technology Transfer, Assignment, Licensing, Non-disclosure
  • Opposition- Pre-Grant and Post-Grant
  • Suit for infringement and injunction and damages
  • Patent Revocation
  • Action against counterfeit goods, search, seizure, raids, evidence collection
  • Strategy and opinion
  • Legal notices
  • Funding
  • Commercialisation of Patent