Copyright Infringement through Reality Show of Bear Grylls

Arrmann Shankar Shharma has filed a Copyright Infringement suit before Delhi High Court  against Bear Grylls’s reality show “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls”.  Hotstar, Nat Geo India and Walt Disney have also been made parties to the suit. In the suit Arrmann have alleged infringement of his copyrighted work “Aakhri Dum Takk- Till The Last Breath” through said show of Bear Gryll.

Arrmann claimed that “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls”  is an exact replica of his scripted  “Aakhri Dum Takk- Till The Last Breath” literary work which he had registered on January 2011.

The copyrighted work of Arrmann is a TV reality program of 7-8 episodes to be produced by taking 20 people to jungle to take up challenges to overcome the natural obstacles in different extreme terrains and sail through for about a month in the jungle without any help. After successful completion of every task and stunt a team was supposed to be eliminated and at the end a winner to be declared and awarded with huge monetary award.

Presently this matter has been sent to mediation.

SOURCE:  livelaw,  Delhi High Court, Bear Grylls,  Swarupa Ghosh