Copyright Registration


Copyright Registration gives exclusive right to the creator for his/ her creation includes Literary work, dramatic work, music and artistic work, cinematographic films, sound recordings, music, videos, software programs, database arrangement, logo design, etc. which are original creation of author.

Duration and manner:

Copyright Registration in any work subsists for a span of lifetime of the author plus 60 years after author’s death. Performer rights, broadcasting rights are also governed under Copyright law. Consulting a copyright lawyer is recommended to get necessary legal guidance as to what to protect and how to protect. A simple Google search based on location, viz. ‘copyright lawyer in Kolkata’, ‘copyright lawyer in Delhi’, ‘copyright lawyer in Bangalore’ or ‘intellectual property lawyer in Kolkata’ will do the needful.

Copyright Procedure

Indian Copyright Registry Office accepts copyright application all across India. Applicant must be the rightful owner of copyrighted work, where author is not the applicant then No Objection from author is required for copyright registration. Post application, Copyright Office issues Copyright diary number and statutory waiting period of 30 days for objections from any person. If no objection received Copyright office scrutinizes copyright application for discrepancies and issue discrepancy letter.

Rights and Limitation

Copyright lawyer prepares a suitable response clarifying all objections or discrepancies as per Copyright and if Copyright office is satisfied with the reply Copyright Registration is granted.  Copyright office also handles rectification of already registered copyrighted work on application made by person who is interested in removing the already registered copyright.

Copyright Coverage

Copyright is also territorial right, however, India being member of several conventions where each country respects other’s registered copyright. copyright subsist in song, story, cover song, performance (special category of rights), composition, selection, computer program, combination, mash-up, blogs and vlogs, cooking recipe, scientific publications, etc.

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