• What is a trademark

A brand/ word / logo which identifies  goods and services  of one person from other person.

  • Is it mandatory to register a trademark?

Not mandatory.  But highly advisable.

Unwarranted circumstance may arise and endangered your right on trademark which you are using for years or decades.

  • What is a service mark?

No special provision for service mark.  In India service marks are identical to trademark

  • Where to register a trademark?

Contact us for trademark registration

  •   My Trademark is already in Use

Submit Statement of Use. Contact us for details

  • How to know in which class to register my trademark?

 Trademark Attorney will guide you.

  • When i can use ® symbol?

Only after  registration.

  • When can i use ™ symbol?

If you use work/ mark as trademark then put TM symbol.

  • Do i have to renew trademark?

Yes every 10 years

  • Can i obtain copyright in trademark logo?

Yes you can obtain copyright but after obtaining permission/ clearance from Trademark Registry

  • Can i file for international trademark registration?

Yes you can file for international registration

  • How to know whether my trademark is registrable?

Contact us for details

  • Can i use trademark registered in India in any foreign country?

You can use subject to condition.

  • Cost of registration of trademark?

Presently Official fees of Rs.4500/- for individual and small companies;  Rs. 9000/- for companies.

Professional fees vary.

  • How to find trademark attorney in my place?

Contact us.

  •    I cannot find my exact question in this FAQ?

Please contact us for any further detail/ query.

  •  Can I Copyright my Trademark logo?

Yes, subject to terms and condition.

Sources: WIPO and Trademark Registry

Disclaimer:  Content of this FAQ are mere indicative. Everything varies as per your case and circumstance, it is always advisable to connect Trademark Attorney. We are not liable for any act done based on this FAQ.