Copyright registration and thereby copyright is defined as an individual’s/ authors’ legal claim to an original work to exploit the work to the exclusion of others. It gives right to to perform, display, and distribute, create derivation work etc out of the original work. Copyright covers artistic work, music, literature, photography, film, cinema, computer programs, etc. Copyright is represented through symbol ©.

Rights of Copyright Owner:

The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 protects the legal, social, and economic interests of the Copyright Owner. The Act communicates the exclusive rights of the owner in the following regards:

  • Right of Adaptation;
  • Right of Paternity & Integrity;
  • Right of Reproduction;
  • Right of Public Performance;
  • Right of Distribution;
  • Right of Communication to the Public.

The most important prerequisite for enabling social progress is creativity. A civilization can develop economically and socially by fostering creativity. Copyright safeguards individual creation and serves as inspiration for writers, artists, and other creative works. You can have the right to disseminate, modify, and distribute copies of your work by registering it with the Registrar of Copyrights. You also have the right to paternity.

Copyright Lawyer can get you through Copyright Registration

Term of Copyright

Copyright is valid for lifetime of the author plus a period of 60 years calculated from the death of the author.

Punishment for violation of Copyright

Once you register your copyright, it is much simpler to go to court and have the individual who unauthorized copied your work punished. In order to adequately safeguard copyright owners, the Copyright Act of 1957 stipulates that if your right is violated, you could face up both imprisonment and penalty.


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Authored by Ms. Sumaiyah Fathima  (Advocate)