• What is a patent?

Patent registration gives patentee  an exclusive right granted for an invention which may be a product or process or both, when applicant successfully obtain this exclusive right such a right is called patent or patent right and the products and process as patented products or patented process as the case may be.

  • What is a patent right?

Monopoly to exploit your invention through use, license, assignment, etc.

  • Can I obtain patent on any scientific invention?

      Only those which are not barred under Patents Act, 1970

  • How will I know what is permitted under Patents Act, 1970?

Patent attorney will guide you in all this.

  • For how many years patent is granted?

Patent is granted for 20 years subject to renewal every year.

  • How much time is required to get registration of Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design?

This days IPINDIA office is pretty fast and if you take all steps in timely manner, expect to get rights granted in

reasonable time period.

  • Can I use Indian patent in USA / UK or elsewhere in same manner?

Patent is a territorial right and if granted in India, such rights are protected in India only. You may use your invention elsewhere but there you will not receive any protection in such other country and also you might face infringement liability is similar patents are granted in such other country.

  • How much does it cost to patent an invention?

Cost of obtaining patent may vary on the legal status of applicant like – company, start-up, and individual as all these govern the official fees. Depending on Patent attorney you have engaged the professional fees will vary.

  • How can patents be obtained worldwide?

Through National as well as International applications.

Disclaimer: FAQs are for information purpose only,  it may not address any specific situation of anyone who is reading this article. Please contact patent attorney for complete details.

Reference:  WIPO , IPINDIA