NOTE:   It is absolutely recommended to contact Patent Lawyer for patent registration. Steps mentioned in this article are broad purpose only.

STEP 1- Analyse the Topic for patentability
STEP 2- Search for patentability or novelty
STEP 3- Patent Specification Drafting along with Drawings and claims
STEP 4- Patent application filing and generation of Application Number
STEP 5- Publication of patent application
STEP 6- Patent Application opens for Pre-grant opposition
STEP 6- Request for Examination
STEP 7- Generation of First Examination Report (FER)
STEP 8- Response to FER
STEP 9- Hearing
STEP 10 – Grant of Patent and closure of time period to file Pre-grant opposition. Time line for post grant opposition begins
STEP 11- Payment of Renewal Fees
STEP 12- After 12 month of patent grant notification – the timeline for post grant opposition ends.

Source:  IPINDIA and WIPO